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Hi. I'm Amaris.

Professionally, I have a bachelor's and master's degree in interior design with a strong focus on Sustainability. My passion, however, is photographing my life and the people around me! Ever since I could remember I've had a camera in my hand, whether it was one of those small kodak film cameras back in the 90s, a point and shoot in the 2000s, or a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera like the Canon M50 I use today. I consider myself forever a student to photography as I will continue to invest in myself and my skill to deliver the best photo quality possible. I am kind-hearted, engaging, open-minded, and work best when I am able to collaborate with my clients. I thrive off of a "help me, help you" philosophy when it comes to bringing to life an AMW Studio Works refined version of your vision.

About AMW Studio Works

AMW Studio Works, formally established in 2021, was an ongoing idea I've had since graduating undergrad. Initially, I wanted to brand my skills as an interior designer, photographer, and graphic designer. However, recognizing the extent of being an interior designer full-time, I've scaled down my services to primarily photography with some graphic design work. My expectations are high for the future of AMW Studio Works. Stay up to date with me by following AMW Studio Works on Instagram and Facebook. I look forward to working with you on your next photo or graphic design project! Much love.

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